The Down Fountain Kato Vrisi

“Agios Pollotzellaros” and “Agii Pente”

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The Down Fountain Kato VrisiIt is about graves, which are hewed on the rocks in the “Agii Pente” place, and during the Christian years, been evidently converted to hermitages and thereafter to adoration places, in the remembrance of these hermits. In certain big points of the rock, in the inner of the Chapel of “Agii Pente” (Afxentios, Evgenios, Efstratios, Mardarios and Orestis), are preserved wall-paintings. The naming of “Agios Pollotzeros”, most probably could be composed by a remembrance, towards an unknown hermit, who lived in this cave.

Agios Pollotzellaros and Agii Pente 2

The Down Fountain “Kato Vrisi”

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Agios Pollotzellaros and Agii Pente 2Is the biggest fountain of Geroskipou, and it has the largest water quantity. The traditions wants in a way, its water, as a holy water, but also and as water of Aphrodite’s baths. “Kato Vrisi”, is an ancient aqueduct, which from the Antiquity till the recent years, used to water and refresh human beings and animals of the area.

In the fountain’s basins, the inhabitants of the community, used to wash their clothes. Its water, seems to be conveyed with mines, from the northern rocky hillocks of Geroskipou


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